About Us

Since CFG’s founding in 2000, we have been a financial services industry leader in providing real-time, web-based technologies for initiating, tracking, managing and reporting fulfillment activities. Our singular objective was and remains today, to be the industry’s most responsive, efficient and cost-effective sales and marketing support partner.

Park House, Finsbury Circus

In late 2010, CFG was acquired by Broadridge, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DST Systems Inc. In 2011, DST continued to execute its acquisitions strategy and acquired British-based Lateral Group, an integrated, data-analytics multichannel marketing company.

This year, CFG has become Lateral Group, North America, a new company that leverages our best in class suite of marketing and content distribution services with an entirely new set of consulting, data analysis and predictive modeling, campaign management and creative services capabilities.

Although our name may be different, our quality of service and commitment to program excellence will continue. Our Lateral Group, North America corporate office will remain in Boston, Massachusetts, with continued support to our clients with advanced fulfillment and print distribution centers in Boston, Kansas City and Sacramento. 2014 will also see the addition of our Toronto site brought online.

We look forward to introducing you to many of these exciting, new capabilities in the coming months.