Database Marketing

We design, build and manage databases, using this combination to acquire, understand and then transform raw data into an actionable competitive advantage. Consolidating data from disparate sources, we deliver integrated, intelligent infrastructures using a single customer view to drive effective marketing across multiple channels.

Database Marketing

We’re data experts who deliver high-quality data you can act on with confidence along with intelligent infrastructures enabling effective, functional and cost efficient marketing.

The services we provide include

Data Optimization

The ‘hygiene’ services required to audit, correct and refine data to develop the most robust foundation for marketing activity.

Data Acquisition and Integration

Identifying external data sets with high potential for your marketing, re-purposing it for your requirements and integrating it.

A Single Customer View (SCV)

Consolidating data from disparate sources into an integrated and unified entity providing a Single Customer View, the basis for today’s’ intelligent analytics and more efficient, data-driven marketing.

Systems Integration

Bringing together different systems and solutions to create an integrated technical infrastructure that can support marketing and operations activity and make it more cost efficient, functional and effective.


Designing, building and managing dashboards and other BI reporting systems to optimize control and accountability.

Statistical Analysis

We apply a range of statistical analysis techniques, delivering actionable insights to business challenges and ongoing performance improvement.