Our Approach

Integrated Communications Management.

In a world growing more complex, offering ever more technologies and platforms, clearer communications are now key to effective marketing.

Our way of ensuring clarity is our ICM framework. Core to our business, it provides a data-led logical structure for analyzing communications in a multi-channel environment.

The logic allows us to identify points of marketing opportunity. Our analysis, supported by our informed intuition, helps us identify the actions we need to take to realize such opportunities.

Or put another way, we have more ways to help businesses sell more of what they do, to more people, more profitably.

Our framework: Integrated Communications Management

1 Information
A sale, an enquiry, a tweet or a registration generate information. We help marketers clean and optimize this data.

2 Database
We create a single view of all our client’s customers and prospects and their interaction across all touch points. Storing and maintaining this information in the most timely, suitable, up to date and relevant way. Allowing clients to extract maximum value from it.

3 Insight
Examining data with our analytics expertise provides new ways to look at behavior, preferences and attitudes. Enriching segmentation and giving a sharper focus on targeting and defining customer channels.

4 Strategy
Equipped with insight, we devise the right strategy to deliver the right messages, through the right channels, at the right time and place.

5 Creative
Strategy also directs our creative approach, ensuring we create compelling messages that best fit the chosen channels.

6 Prospects and Customers
Using our insight, we define the exact audience according to behavior, attitudes and profiles and direct relevant messages to them.

7 Marketing Resource Management
Our MarketPower® marketing resource management system gives marketers full audit and control capabilities while empowering local marketing. It also reduces campaign and marketing collateral costs, digital or print.

8 Online Channels
We provide a full eCRM service including the design and delivery of all online and mobile campaign activities in whatever mix best meets your objectives. We deploy our SmartCast 3.0 email platform or work with clients’ own systems and suppliers.

9 Offline Channels
We understand the value of proven offline options ranging from call centers to local press advertising, direct mail to door drops.

10 Responses
Through our ICM Framework we can balance factors such as the price of acquisition against quality of customers in judging profitability. Our ICM Framework also generates interaction between our clients and their responding customers. Ensuring we generate vital information for future marketing activities as well as for refining current campaigns. All of this interaction can be automatic, call center or paper based.

11 Fulfilment
We provide logistics, storage, distribution and mailing activities to streamline consumer fulfillment. We’re happy to use our own systems or work with or alongside client suppliers.

12 Back Office Processing
Completing the ICM loop we provide a range of services from payment processing to response scanning. To meet regulatory and service requirements we also provide document archiving.