Finding the right content at the right time has never been easier. The LitBoard App was created to give sales, marketing and compliance professionals a better way to access, upload and share literature, product kits, audio and video files, sales presentations and more.

With LitBoard you can view and save files in your local Apps. You can also create Favorites and instantly share.



A completely mobile version of your sales and marketing content library.

LitBoard aligns the responsibilities of marketing, sales and compliance by providing a tile interface that supports messaging, suitability and transparency.

Instant Search, Instant Share!

Quickly find what you are looking for and instantly share with clients, staff or prospects!

The Benefits of LitBoard

  • Search instantly across your entire content library
  • Download PDFs to local Apps
  • View videos full screen
  • Deliver targeted messaging to your contacts
  • Ensure you have the most up-to-date versions with document watch lists
  • White label LitBoard with your company’s branding guidelines to make it your own

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