Marketing Technology

We offer options including our own MarketPower® MRM Tool, email broadcasting platform, data optimization tools and hosting solutions.

We supply off-the shelf packaged solutions which can easily be configured and rapidly deployed to suit client needs.

Marketing Technology

Along with hosting and document composition services scalable for the largest client or most demanding project, we offer a range of off-the-shelf packaged solutions. These can be configured to meet specific needs for marketing resource management, print management email deployment, or email deployment.

With extensive in-house development resources, we’re well equipped to develop, deploy and manage innovative bespoke solutions for specific challenges.

The services we provide include

MarketPower® (MRM)

MarketPower, Lateral Group’s advanced marketing resource management platform, enables distributed marketing and streamline collateral management, procurement, workflow and campaign management. Highly functional and flexible, MarketPower configures to your specific needs.
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Our self-service email marketing and eCRM platform. Smartcast enables dynamic and triggered email broadcasting and management and lets you support your campaign with personalized landing pages and data collection forms.
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A completely mobile version of your sales and marketing content library. Finding the right content at the right time has never been easier. The LitBoard App was created to give sales, marketing and compliance professionals a better way to access, upload and share literature, product kits, audio and video files, sales presentations and more.
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We offer stable and secure access to your marketing solutions with our hosting, web, application and database services.

Document composition

Our multi-channel document composition, management and proofing services can streamline the delivery of content-rich personalized communications and reduce the time to market.


Major marketers have called on our resourceful and highly skilled team to develop award-winning bespoke solutions for the web, back office and mobile channels. Whatever the challenge, they find a solution.