SmartCast is a secure, robust and functionally rich, class-leading, enterprise-level email management and deployment tool. Its marketer friendly user interface can deliver everything from standard reporting to complex analytics enabling dynamic, triggered multi-channel campaigns that deliver highly customized content.


Benefits of using SmartCast

  • Optimize internal and external campaign communication, workflow efficiencies and performance
  • Integration with a single customer view, enabling more responsive, relevant marketing
  • Ability to move beyond generic messaging to more targeted communications
  • Reduce complexity of executing email marketing programs
  • Shorter campaign turnaround, leading to speed of communication to target market
  • Robust, scalable solution that can address any business challenge

More effective emails

Greater Insight

Designed with interfaces to link with existing or campaign-specific databases, SmartCast can be configured to allow access to a single customer view, in turn enabling triggered multichannel marketing programs and campaigns.

Target, relevant messaging

Send dynamically customized content to each and every individual, replacing generic information with messages recognizing the status of the conversation. Greater relevance improves communication effectiveness.


React in real time to consumers’ actions, requests and behavior; i.e. sending an email prompt in response to ‘dropped’ online shopping baskets.

Maximize potential and improve ROI

Our subject line and general creative testing improves results by maximizing response potential. Creative coding and creative optimization, managed by our creative team, can help to minimize risks of SPAM identification and improve open and click-through rates. SPAM scoring and ISP relationship management are included to ensure as much email reaches inboxes (and not junk/spam boxes) as possible.

Class-leading technology base

Our proprietary system is built on industry-leading technology with ongoing investment in both the underlying technology and marketing applications.

In-house email deployment

Deployment is available as an ASP (Application Service Provider) service, allowing marketers to design and deploy campaigns themselves in-house utilizing our marketer-friendly interface with simple and accessible functionality.

Hands-off, outsourced option

If you would prefer a more ‘hands-off’ solution, we can provide a convenient managed service with Lateral Group managing all elements of the broadcast.

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